How to choose the right tool to support Communities of Practice (CoP)?

Choosing is complex and depends on several parameters:

  • Are the members in the same organization (same domain, e.g.,
  • If in a single organization, does the organization have corporate licenses for tools such as Microsoft 365 or Google Workspace?
  • Your budget for licenses?
  • Your preference for an integrated solution (e.g., Microsoft) or a combo (e.g., Slack + Box + Trello…)?
  • Maturity of the CoP members in using such collaboration tools?
  • Number of CoPs to support and number of members overall?
  • Should the CoPs be private ? Could they be visible on the tool to non-members?
  • Is your IT willing to accept another tool?

Once you know the answers, it is easier to choose among Teams, Slack, Workplace, Workspace, Viva Engage, LinkedIn, Discord, Framateam, mailing list…

What tool for our CoP?

Louis-Pierre Guillaume

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