The Practical Guide to Communities is now available! !

The Practical Guide to Communities is a 255-page book produced by a community of 71 practitioners and researchers who share a common passion: the development of the community model in organizations to innovate, manage differently, develop business and create value.

Under the direction of 5 passionate editors, all members of the KCO, including yours truly:  Catherine THIESSE ; Florence CRESPIN MAZET; Guy ParmentierKarine GOGLIO-PRIMARD  and Louis-Pierre Guillaume.

Our book is the result of an innovative methodology based on a rich, fruitful and complementary co-production between practitioners and researchers. It has been an extraordinary human adventure, reflecting the values of the members of our community: fun, sharing, practice and respect.

Our joint production takes the form of pages on understanding, acting, case studies and testimonials, which can be read independently of each other. This flexibility allows readers to explore or discover the fundamentals of the community model and its organizational life cycle.

This book is aimed at practitioners, students and researchers interested in developing new organizational forms to foster collaboration, knowledge creation, creativity and innovation.

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The Practical Guide to Communities

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