Case study : Build a community management program

Challenge: Develop knowledge sharing approaches.

  • Increase the number of communities of practice (CoPs)
  • Rejuvenate existing virtual communities
  • Develop and anchor existing knowledge management systems

Our approach: Helping to set up community governance

  • Co-construct the community repository
  • Co-construct the training kit for CoP facilitators
  • Identify community needs
  • Train the community leaders
  • Support the launch of the first CoPs


  • Diagnosis of existing communities and their impact on the organization
  • Community repository (operating modes, roles and responsibilities, model charter, etc.)
  • List of new communities that could be launched
  • Training kit for community leaders and members
  • Community management indicators
  • For each CoP launched, charter and materials for the launch meeting

Results: Communities are part of the landscape

  • More knowledge sharing and collaboration between sites
  • Managers are convinced of the value of communities to help solve problems, improve processes or innovate

Implementation time: 5 months