Articles about Kowledge Management, KM

Several ways of convincing knowledge workers to invest in a knowledge management approach. 

How to convince middle management to embark on a knowledge management approach.

The added value of a knowledge management (KM) approach to meeting the challenges of efficiency and innovation

As we enter our third containment, we take a closer look at a company that has put in place a business continuity plan that takes into account the capitalization and transfer of knowledge, to limit risks

How to compare the overall NPS results with subsets (e.g. NPS among clients in market segment A, B or C)

MAKE Award 2017 & KM Reality Award – Schneider-Electric in the spotlight

Schneider-Electric is winner of the 2017 European MAKE Award and finalist for the 2017 KM Reality Award.

These two awards recognize the knowledge management program initiated by Louis-Pierre Guillaume in 2011.