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In many companies, the trend is towards digital and network-based operation. Corporate social networks allow to create communities at the touch of a button. Managers replace the word “organization” with the word “community” in their communication (HR community, IT community…).

How to compare the overall NPS results with subsets (e.g. NPS among clients in market segment A, B or C)

This article reveals a proven method for successfully introducing Office 365 into its team to achieve the benefits of collaboration.

Why is the ROI of my community so difficult to measure? How can I demonstrate the value of my community of practice to my management?

Many managers believe that communities in companies are not working. Through two short stories, this article illustrates the six key success factors for a community and the benefits.

MAKE Award 2017 & KM Reality Award – Schneider-Electric in the spotlight

Schneider-Electric is winner of the 2017 European MAKE Award and finalist for the 2017 KM Reality Award.

These two awards recognize the knowledge management program initiated by Louis-Pierre Guillaume in 2011.

How I reincarnated into a robot to participate to a remote workshop. An innovative hybrid meeting